What Kinds of Special Events Need Security Guards?

May 6, 2023

Planning and hiring security for your event is one of the most important things you can do. Many special occasions, like concerts and music festivals, attract potential criminals who want to commit crimes like theft and assault. Having professional security guards on hand helps ensure that your guests feel safe, as you’ll be less likely to deal with criminal activity, which can negatively impact an event.

This article will discuss various types of special events that need security guards.

Outdoor concerts and music festivals

As we enter the summer months, more and more music festivals and concerts are taking place outdoors. Guests love experiencing concerts outside, where they can enjoy fresh air and plenty of space. However, outdoor concerts and music festivals are the prime spots for security risks to happen. The reason is that it can be challenging to watch for suspicious activity in crowds and outdoor areas, which also brings the added challenge of maintaining security at entrances and exits. Hiring security guards can help control these types of events, as they can help with crowd control and ensure that only authorized guests enter the concert space or venue.

Sports events

We all want to enjoy a sports event without anything getting out of hand. However, you always need to be prepared to handle rowdy fans. Sports events that serve alcohol, like football, basketball, and baseball, have a high risk of things getting out of control. Security guards can help de-escalate conflicts and watch for signs of a problem so the issue can be addressed before it affects other guests enjoying the game.

Movie or TV filming

Filming in a remote location allows crews to capture authentic footage. However, there are several risks to consider when filming a movie. Overzealous fans may try to breach any barriers on set to try and see their favorite actors. They may also try to steal any expensive equipment around the filming location. Having a security team allows you to keep a watchful eye on anyone who comes near the set.

Corporate conventions and meetings

Most meetings and corporate events never encounter any problems. However, if you are hosting an event related to a controversial issue, hiring extra security might be worthwhile if you expect protestors or any other disturbances. In addition, corporate events tend to be large enough and attended by celebrities or well-known professionals who may have their own security concerns if there is no security plan in place. In these situations, hiring a security team may be worthwhile to ensure everyone feels safe and that nothing is overlooked.

Weddings and other special events

Planning a wedding is a big feat. And one of the most overlooked things during planning is not having a security plan or hiring security guards for your big day. While you may think your wedding is safe, wedding and party crashers are always a risk. A security team can help deal with crowd control in areas with limited space and also escort any uninvited guests quickly and discreetly.

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