What to Look for in a Great Security Guard Training Course

December 4, 2022

Effective security guard training can often be the difference between life and death. And if you don’t receive adequate training from the start, you are at a significant disadvantage. That’s because you’ll need to figure out essential safety measures the hard way, which can often lead to making mistakes that could be harmful, lethal, or even legally damaging to your company.

You need to be taught the ins and outs of every task you are expected to perform to ensure you are doing the best job and taking your company’s security to new heights. Property security guard training involves lots of work and preparation, but the end results can be the difference between a business flourishing or going under.

This article will discuss what to look for in a great security guard training course.

What types of training are available for security guards?

There are many different types of training courses for security guards. However, most programs include three critical types of training. These include:

1. Basic security guard training

Basic security guard training (BSG) teaches new guards the standard safety procedures and the typical duties and responsibilities they need to follow. Some examples of BSG training include:

  • Hospital security course. Trainees learn about hospital emergency protocols, patient/customer service, and traffic control.
  • Bank security course. Trainees learn how to detect and handle criminals who target banks, as well as protect assets, bank information, employees, and customers.
  • Hotel security course. Trainees learn about hotel security risks and how to prepare for internal and external threats.
  • X-ray screening course. Security guards at airports must learn how to use x-ray machines for security purposes. They also learn other safety protocols related to aircraft protection, aviation hazards, and passenger control.

2. Occupational health and safety courses

Another significant part of security guard duty is keeping safe and compliant. Typical courses include:

  • First aid
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Safety management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Infection prevention

3. General security guard training

In general training, security guards must register voluntarily and be awarded a certificate upon completion. These training courses include:

  • Traffic management course
  • Fitness and self-defense course
  • Operation room supervisor course
  • Control room CCTV operator course
  • Control room supervisor course

What does every security guard training program need to include?

Whether you are looking to patrol the mall, neighborhood playground, or do armed security for a company, your training programs must include the following:

  • Vision statement: This describes what winning looks like when a course is completed. This will also show you how they are planning to ensure you succeed in training.
  • Training requirements document: Your security guard training program needs to address the needs of all potential recruits. Your training requirements document should include the following:
  • Details on regulations and requirements to pass
  • What safety training will be required
  • Information on certification at the end of the program or training
  • The training conditions (How much will it cost? How long will it take?)
  • Required training materials

What topics should security guard training cover?

Your security guard training should have the following topics built into the program:

  • Learning how to maintain a highly visible presence to deter illegal behavior
  • Civil and criminal law understanding
  • Emergency procedures
  • Boosting your awareness of relevant legislation and laws
  • How to detect, deter, observe, and report
  • Drug awareness
  • Fire safety awareness
  • How to search individuals
  • Escort techniques
  • How to assess a situation
  • Deescalation techniques
  • Conflict resolution
  • First aid
  • Monitoring and controlling traffic movement
  • Crowd control
  • Observing and identifying hazards

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